Bluebird House – Basic (with mounting hardware)


These bluebird houses are a wonderful addition to any yard. They provide much needed nesting space for bluebirds as well as chickadees, wrens and nuthatches.

Our Bluebird Houses feature:

  • Box dimensions sized for Eastern Bluebirds and approved by the National Bluebird Association.
  • Interior front wall with slats cut to help fledglings reach the hole.
  • Hole sized for Eastern Bluebirds to minimize invasion by starlings.
  • Easy to use clean-out door on the side.
  • Top and bottom ventilation holes to allow airflow.
  • Painted in attractive light, natural and low profile colors as recommended by the National Bluebird Association.
  • Information sheet about bluebirds and where to install bluebird houses is included.
  • INCLUDES mounting pole (7ft. conduit pipe) and hardware.


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