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Plant & Seed Swaps

How it works

Swapping is a fantastic way to share plants and seeds as well as gardening wisdom with other gardeners.

The first step is to look around your garden or yard and see which plants can be divided or which ones you no longer need. Dig them up and place them in pots with some soil. Cardboard boxes and even plastic bags work as well if you don’t have pots. Label your plants with as much information as you can, at a minimum write down the name and whether the plant prefers shade or sun.

The plant swap takes place at our home in West Chester over the course of a few hours on a Friday and Saturday. Bring your plants at any time of the swap and pick up plants that others have dropped off. The selection of plants changes throughout the event but there always seems to be a little bit of everything.  You can also post photos of your plants to the Plant Swap Facebook group to let others know what you have.

Any plants leftover at the end of the swap, will be left out for anyone to stop by and pick up over the course of the next few days. We will update the Plant Swap Facebook group with the kinds of plants that are left.

Are you a new gardener and don’t have any plants to share? No problem. Stop on by and choose a couple of plants to get you started. We trust that you will return and share plants in the future.

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