About Us

Welcome to the Greimann House.  Let us tell our story.

Welcome to our home.

After years of providing our community with children’s classes, summer camps,  and entertaining passers by with our outdoor activities, we are excited to bring our adventures and projects online.

We are a family of nature lovers, hobbyists and technologists.  At the end of the day, we want to be outside, or in the kitchen, in the studio making pots or building something in the workshop. You might find us playing in the garden or out in the yard.  

Meet Brandon

After a cerebral workday, I need to get my hands dirty making pots and firing kilns, building something out of wood, or getting sticky in a beehive.  I love getting to know our neighbors and involving our kids in our hobbies and passions, inspiring them to follow their dreams with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

Meet Noreen

After many years of offering nature classes and summer camps on our property, I am thrilled about once again connecting with our community in new and exciting ways. While homeschooling our two children, tending to the gardens, baking fresh bread and working with Brandon in the studio, I love to to find new opportunities to let my creativity unfold.

Let’s Stay in Touch

We send out e-mails about once a month with updates about sales, other events and what we are up to.