Red Currant Bush


Bright red berries at the beginning of summer make this bush a star in many ways. The sweet, yet somewhat tart, berries beckon to be eaten right off the bush. Our kids love snacking on them. Though, they are equally good for baking muffins, making jellies, in fresh yogurt, on top of ice cream, in homemade popsicles…OR our family’s favorite…on top of pancakes that have been spread with a thin layer of Nutella. The berries are perfect for freezing and are a delightful reminder of warmer days during the cold winter months.

The bush grows up to about 5 feet high and 4 feet wide. It can be easily pruned to a smaller size and we recommend pruning out old branches every year. They grow best in sun to part-sun and prefer rich, well-drained soil. Our bushes grow in clay-soil and still do well.

The plants are about 2′ tall.

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